Corporate Interventions

“I believe Individuals and Institutions must be equipped and enabled to Thrive and not merely Survive disruptions”

Alice Prema Andrew has spearheaded customized change management initiatives in many large and small corporate institutions. Her Customized interventions have helped employees embrace change targeting the 3 significant Ps of Corporate – Productivity, Performance and Profit.

Both Employer and Employee Expectations are valued and respected.

Alice Prema Andrew’s Corporate programs are designed to Enhance Enthusiasm and Emotional Intelligence of the Employee.

The Employer goals are met only when Employees’ Interpersonal and Intrapersonal challenges are recognized and responded to- managing of finances, maintaining work-life balance,  making right choices, staying motivated, performing under pressure, value self and time are some of her most sought after programs.  The interventions and interactions ensure that each employee is facilitated in their personaland professional journey!

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