Catalysing Attitudinal Change


Alice Andrew’s specialised work among educators are geared to improve social, emotional, and lateral thinking skills among both teachers and students. Her Training Modules and Methodologies have enabled staff of academic institutions to revise their learning objectives, teaching strategies and respond with a newer and smarter understanding of their roles.

“Teachers have been trained to become a life-long learners to be a better influencer of children”.

Staff are made to become more aware of their role impact evidenced through increased personal confidence. This self-awareness and self-worth among the educator become the foundation for a non-judgmental, respectful and a meaningful interaction between the student and staff.


Alice Prema Andrew’s counselling programs are designed to help people ‘Live their live without Lies and Limits’.  By refocusing their energies on the ‘here and now’ through faith in God and themselves, individuals are helped to live everyday with passion and purpose.

People need support to break – free from restrictive thinking patterns before they CAN HAVE the break THROUGHS in their personal and professional lives

Unresolved pain and problems create Emotional baggage that ties people down often leading to problems at every turn of their living. The prime focus is on develop a spiritual awareness and awakening which can enable ordinary men and women to accomplish great exploits.


Alice Prema Andrew’s Organizational development and positioning strategies are almost always backed by long-term handholding process.

Alice Prema Andrew works with select clients for 12-24 months.

Unblocking my Institutional clients before Unlocking their potential is my approach.”

The coaching and mentoring schedule is designed in a way that there is not mere impartation of ‘expertise’ but ALSO ‘empowerment’ of the Clients to be able to function independently.

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