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As a writer and speaker, she is viewed more as an insightful and transformational catalyst of change! She was associated as a Managing Editor with a wholistic – wellness oriented woman’s magazine for 2 years. She continues to write for magazines and blogs when she is inspired!

With a vision to create Robust & Resilient Individuals, her counsellingis often described as intense, in-depth, invariably directing people to Liberating Insights.

Corporate and Charitable hospitals have been assisted in their Crisis Management, Re-branding, Resource Mobilisation, Public Engagement activities

A thought leader, key note speaker in national and  international conferences, a Media Strategist from a young age of 18 years, Alice Prema Andrew has been working with individuals  and institutions across 20 countries helping them to become more resilience in the face adversity and disruption.

With a cutting-edge combination of Competence & Compassion, Alice Andrew has been a keynote speaker in international conferences & a resource person in more than 20 countries on topics related to Individual Empowerment & Institutional Excellence.

Believer of the need for quickening of a human spirit to bring desired transformation, her processes are often described by the listeners as Engaging, Enlightening & Empowering.

Recognizing the power of media to influence and impact, Alice Prema Andrew has responded by producing and participating in Radio &TV programs, both in Faith-based and Secular media.

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